Beneform Limited Announces Launch of New Ice Therapy Gel and Website

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Toronto, Canada—September 1, 2011—Beneform Limited, a Canadian-based healthcare company, recently announced the launch of a new, proprietary ice therapy gel called Cryosoothe. Beneform has launched a new website as well to support the product, which provides education and information to customers and rehabilitation therapists alike.


Cryosoothe is the result of years of research and development in the area of topical pain relief, and boasts a proprietary base and unique delivery system that facilitates deep penetration into muscles and joints. Created by an award-winning pharmacist, along with a physiotherapist and skilled chemists, Cryosoothe provides a new standard in pain relief gel—one that’s been specifically formulated to be of professional-grade quality.


In addition to the high concentration of cooling menthol (3.5%) combined with the natural pain-relieving properties of ilex paraguariensis, Cryosoothe comes in a patented tube meant to protect the integrity of the ingredients, along with a mess-free sponge applicator designed to facilitate easy and even application. The product works perfectly for at-home pain relief of sore muscles and joints, arthritis, and muscle strains, and delivers fast-acting cold therapy at the office, during travel, or for athletes at sports events.


Beneform is committed to creating unique pain relief formulations that provide the standard of relief expected in the offices of rehabilitation professionals. Cryosoothe can be found at

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