About Us

CryoSoothe was created by a national award winning pharmacist, physiotherapist and skilled chemists. This multi-disciplinary team of professionals discovered that they could improve upon the leading brands of cold therapy topical pain relief gels. The properties of Menthol and Ilex Paraguariensis for cold therapy are well known and relatively common amongst analgesic or ice gels. The innovation of CryoSoothe lies in both the proprietary base and delivery system which are designed for rapid absorption, deep penetration and a synergistc affect with the overall pain relieving properties of the ingredients.

CryoSoothe was developed to support the practise of the rehabilitation professional. CryoSoothe is made, used and sold by health care professionals. Exclusively.

CryoSoothe provides soothing pain relief for arthritis, shoulder, neck and back pain; joint pain and muscle strains.