CryoSoothe – Canada Cold Therapy

Cryosoothe Cold Therapy Ice Gel CryoSoothe: Canada’s Own Cold Therapy Relief for Pain

Do your patients suffer from muscle and joint pain, backache, arthritis, work-related soreness, and other types of chronic pain? Are you tired of pain relief gels that just don’t work as promised? It’s time to try something different.

Introducing: CryoSoothe, a professionally formulated, fast-acting pain-relief gel made exclusively in Canada. This proprietary product is like ice therapy in a tube, delivering lasting topical pain relief virtually on contact.

  • Professional-grade strength and quality, sold only to rehabilitation therapists for their patients

  • Made with a proprietary base to facilitate deep penetration and relief

  • Patented tube with unique inner contact surface protects the integrity of the ingredients, including a high concentration of cooling menthol (3.5%)

  • Formulated with Ilex Paraguariensis, a powerful South American herbal extract long known for its pain-relieving properties

  • Mess-free “Cryo-cap” sponge applicator reduces risk of inadvertent administration and allows for even application


Developed by an award-winning pharmacist, physiotherapist and skilled chemists, Cryosoothe takes ice-therapy performance to a new level, providing faster and longer-lasting relief because of its unique approach to pain. Top scientific minds examined current brands of cold therapy and improved upon them, noting where delivery, absorption, and ingredient combinations could be enhanced. Using the results of studies on the anti-inflammatory properties of menthol and the analgesic properties of ilex paraguariensis, this unique team worked together to create a pain relief gel that meets the following therapy demands:

  • Easy to apply

  • Works quickly and consistently

  • Provides soothing relief down deep into muscles and joints

  • Delivers professional standard of efficacy

  • Supplies on-the-go relief at home, at the office, or in the sports arena

  • Protects integrity of pharmaceutical ingredients

  • Supplies valued quality and quantity for the price


Created by Beneform Limited, a trusted and experienced Canadian healthcare company, this deep-penetrating and long-lasting gel provides the soothing, cold-therapy relief obtained only from a professional-grade product. Patients will love how long the extra-large 120g tube lasts, and you’ll both love how effective it is at relieving pain.

 Use Cryosoothe to:

  • Provide topical pain relief

  • Soothe arthritis pain

  • Ease shoulder, neck, and back pain

  • Reduce joint pain

  • Relieve muscle strains

  • Deliver cold therapy when ice is not available or advisable